Elaine Camlin

Based in the Riverina, NSW, the underlying theme in Elaine's work is the ephemeral nature of growth and decay and the vital role of regeneration in our environment. She collects and documents found objects in various stages of decomposition, from livestock skeletons and nests, to seedpods and fungi. Developing a fascination and a deepening awareness of their forms, contours, spaces and marks; her work is a continuing exploration into organic objects that are often forgotten, overlooked and decaying.  Her work moves beyond traditional printmaking, and incorporates a broad range of drawing and printmaking techniques, oil painting and small sculpture.

Elaine graduated from the ANU, School of Art in 2011 with a BA (Visual) and graduated from CSU with a BA (Visual and Performing) (Honours) in 2013. Since graduating Elaine has exhibited in multiple group shows in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania, and Regional NSW and Victoria. Elaine has presented four solo exhibitions, Space Once Occupied (2013), Building Blocks (2016) and Micro-Worlds: Interpretations and Observations of Organic Forms (2018), and Microcosm: A World in Miniature (2019)

Passionate about developing skills and fostering creativity, Elaine works closely with local artists, groups and educational and community based organisations in her region. In her role at the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, she works alongside artists to present professional and engaging exhibitions to the wider Riverina community. Elaine works as a Studio Mentor at The Art Factory, a studio that supports the professional development of artists with disability. Elaine has also participated in Artist Residencies at TAFE Riverina Institute, Bimbi Preschool, Tolland Public School and Kildare Catholic College. In these residencies she worked closely with staff and students to expose the school communities to a wide range of art-making techniques and to develop a greater understanding of professional arts practices. 

In 2017, Elaine’s art practice was featured in a short film by Next in Line Films, as part of their Regional Artist Profiles.  

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