2020, a year that has delivered us one disaster after the other. In three short months our nation has experienced drought, fire, flood, hail and now we face a pandemic that has seen immeasurable lives lost throughout the world. As creatives we sensitively navigate these events, we watch as exhibitions are cancelled, galleries close, our source of income crumbles as the events promoting our practice and workshops sharing our knowledge cease to exist.  

Until we can guarantee the health of our whole community, finding toilet paper will be like striking gold, eating cauliflower will cost as much as a three-hat restaurant and our social engagement will be limited to screens. But we are the lucky ones, because we still have our arts practice, and we are equipped with the creative knowledge to overcome, connect, share, experience, feel and survive this together as a community.


Our artistic engagement and collaborative relationships, can provide health and well-being outcomes at a time where we have limited resources. I am inviting fellow printmakers to participate in a small print exchange, drawn from the experiences we currently face with the COVID-19 pandemic. In light of current events (and because I like to make bad jokes) lets work with time-frames we have all come to understand:

Stage Two: 

Invitation to participate

- confirmation of final edition size

- full list of participating artists published online.

- participants invited to join a private Facebook group:

encouraging each other to share progress of works, offer thoughts about the current crisis, and stay connected.

Stage One: OPEN NOW

Expression of Interest

- provide contact information, include name & postal address

- links to website/ social media

- please email to: elaine_camlin@hotmail.com 

What’s next? Make!

THEME: 2020 COVID-19 pandemic - be liberal and resourceful with your interpretation of this theme (there is a wealth of material to explore).

PAPER SIZE: 10 x 15 cm. Images can be printed edge to edge or on any part of the paper. Please use archival printmaking paper. Prints to be interleaved with tissue paper.


TECHNIQUES: Any printmaking techniques and combinations, 2D only. I encourage you to create a work, in a style that suits you best, and that you can achieve during home isolation.  


EDITION SIZE: Each artist will create an edition of 20 prints signed and numbered. Each print needs the artist’s name, title and medium written in pencil on the back. 


COST: Who actually has any cash at the moment? Right now, the cost is your time (and materials you already have in the studio). Associated costs for future exhibitions will be discussed, when our cash flow returns and the galleries re-open.  


At the end, we will have more than scars and inconveniences of our experiences, but a print exchange that brought us together, gave us hope, provided comfort, shared experiences and gave us moments to reflect. When the dust settles, I will facilitate exhibitions displaying the collection of prints. We will come together, celebrating our shared experiences and connecting with our communities. And when we reflect over a glass of wine, we will understand and appreciate all that we have.  

Pandemic Print Exchange 2020

An invitation to participate in the Pandemic Print Exchange,

an artist run initiative by regional printmaker, Elaine Camlin.

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